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Welcome to the Litigation Attorney Referral Collective

The Problem

Corporate counsel, business executives, and university leaders lack a resource that provides comprehensive guidance on locating, vetting, and engaging the right attorneys for specific disputes.  All too often they “ask around” or “call a few attorneys that they know.”  This lack of rigorous attorney vetting often leads to suboptimal selection of legal counsel, and sometimes disastrous or unnecessarily expensive results.

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The Solution

The Referral Collective provides...

  • A confidential, thorough discussion with one of our skilled professionals about your dispute, including an in-depth discussion about the ideal credentials and expertise of required litigation team 

  • A deliverable of our recommended attorneys and their bios for you to contact and retain independently 

Costs and fees: We do not charge any fees for this attorney referral service to either the organizations/executives in need of attorneys, or to the attorneys who are referred. 

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Who may use LARC's services?

LARC’s services are open to members of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), the Business Roundtable, Young President’s Organization (YPO), Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Provisors, and Collective 54.  The service is also available to venture capital and private equity firms, along with their portfolio companies.

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What lawyers are part of LARC?

There is no formal “membership” or “affiliation” in LARC, and attorneys don’t pay any fees to be “associated” with LARC.  We maintain a proprietary database of the skills and expertise of American litigators, as well as a vast referral network including law school deans and law professors, and old-fashioned research to locate the best and most qualified/experienced attorneys for particular matters.  As well, the professionals with whom you will engage are volunteers who themselves work in the legal industry and who have personal knowledge and relationships with hundreds of litigation attorneys.

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